Our Values

We fuel your passion,

making adventure gear for the trailblazers, leaders and explorers.

We give back,

delivering lifestyle gems with an unbeatable performance-to-price ratio.

We make connections,

empowering you to get closer to nature, your community and yourself

We innovate and inspire,

valuing efficiency, flexibility and integrity to work harder and smarter

Our mission: to deliver quality, affordability and versatility – for ordinary life and extraordinary challenges.

Redder products are high-quality, affordable and united by the spirit of adventure. With innovative design, top raw materials and a world-class fabrication process, our elite adventure gear is life-proof and versatile enough to drive your passion further.

Red is a powerful symbol. It calls extremes to mind – extremes of passion, thrill, warmth, energy and power. Redder builds on these associations, giving you the tools you need for any outdoor challenge. More than just a brand, Redder is a lifestyle.

Our story started with a jacket. In 2016 we launched our first generation of heated jackets, before turning our efforts to the sea. Armed with boarding expertise and a deep kinship to the ocean, we designed a range of inflatable paddle boards. Next came our line of high-performance bikes, with models for mountains, snow and the streets.

We aim to excite and inspire, to motivate you to explore further and dream bigger. Redder is for the athletes, the free-thinkers and the dreamers.

Choose the Redder life.